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This page is a contact guide and web form for non-Japanese companies or people living outside of Japan.

The web form for inquiries is at the bottom of this page.

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The form at the bottom of this page is for companies based outside of Japan, or for people living outside of Japan.

If you are interested in a domain managed by us, please submit the web form.

DPRS staff will be happy to answer your request.

We are a registrar office called Diamond Pro Registrar Service (DPRS) that specializes in Japanese premium domains.

We offer a premium domain specialty service called Diamond Domain Service.

It is operated by Human Internet Co., Ltd. in Japan.

We have been doing registrar business in Japan for over 25 years.

The domains we manage are mainly JP domains.

Japanese premium domains are relatively cheap.

This is because there is not much custom of buying and selling premium domains in Japan.

As a result, many Japanese premium domain owners have given up and left it alone.

We want to revitalize the trading of Japanese premium domains and have created a team of experts.

In order to take advantage of Japan's premium domains, we created and started offering a unique service that is attractive to Japanese domain owners.

We feel that Japan's premium domains are gradually becoming more active.

If you are interested in the developing Japanese premium domain market, please contact us.

Currently, the domains we sell are published in the spreadsheet on the website linked from the button below.

There are also many domains that are not published due to the wishes of the owners.

Domains managed by us can be sold even if they are not public.

For JP domains that we do not manage, we negotiate directly with the owner to make the transaction possible.

Web form for inquiries